Spring Bugs and Insects in South Carolina

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Keep an eye out for these bugs and insects in South Carolina this season.

Each season brings with it new pests to be mindful of. Spring not only brings beautiful flowers but also an array of different pests. These are six common spring bugs and insects in South Carolina.

Spring Bugs and Insects in South Carolina


Mosquitoes are the bane of any South Carolina spring. The height of the season starts as early as March and continues throughout the summer. It is best to avoid prime times of mosquito activity- dawn and dusk- but monthly mosquito control services also go a long way to making your spring and summer more enjoyable.


While they are year-round pests, tick activity starts to pick up in April, with the season typically lasting until September. Lowcountry South Carolina is a common place to find ticks due to the warm, humid climate. Be sure to check for ticks if you spend time outdoors, especially in wooded areas.


Fleas love to hitch a ride on furry family members but can sneak into your home in other ways as well. Fleas are tiny, making them hard to notice right away, quickly leading to an infestation. Good preventative measures include:


Ants emerge from their winter nests as spring begins to warm things up. The further into spring we get and the warmer the weather becomes, the more ants you will see. From fire ants to carpenter ants, colonies begin to thrive in early spring, leading up to summer swarms when some ants leave the colony to start new ones.


Termite swarms become more common as we head into spring. A swarm means a well-established colony somewhere in or near your home. A termite warranty with a company that regularly checks for activity is the best way to protect your home from these damaging pests.


Wasps are very active in South Carolina in the spring. These include yellow jackets, hornets, and other members of the wasp family. Routinely check the perimeter of your house for the beginning of any nests. The longer you wait to remove the nest, the more wasps will accumulate. Take safety precautions if you plan to remove the nest yourself, or call your pest control technician to take care of it for you.

These six pests are just some of the bugs and insects you need to be aware of in South Carolina in the spring. If you notice any increase in pest activity, you should consider contacting a local, trusted pest control company.

Pest Control in South Carolina

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