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Rodent Removal in Beaufort, SC

Comprehensive Rodent Management in Beaufort, SC

If a host of furry vermin have invaded your house, you need to take action with rapid Beaufort rodent removal. Don’t let mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons get away with making your home into their own! We offer proven exclusion options to help solve your rodent problems once and for all, keeping these creatures at bay, so that they do not simply return after a few weeks or months.

We also utilize a rodent baiting system, which usually eliminates the rodents that have been attacking your home in one or two feedings. The good news is that here at Old South Exterminators, we only use EPA approved and child/pet proof bait containers, so you never have to fear that anyone in your household will be endangered by the baits that are highly effective at getting rid of rats, mice, and other unsavory rodents.

Call our Beaufort office at (843) 632-5645 or our Ridgeland office at (843) 418-9130 to safeguard your home against rodents.

Discover the Benefits of Rodent Exclusion in Beaufort

When people think about the right way to get rid of rodents, they often picture the old sprung traps, baited with a slice of cheese covered with peanut butter. There is no denying that this past method did the job for a while, although modern baits have been developed which are far more effective. Rodents are also less likely to grow careful around these newer baits. However, the problem with baiting is that even though it kills off the current population, it will not stop rodents from coming back. The trick to preventing rodents from entering your home at all is through exclusion.

This superior method is crucial for preventing mice, rats, raccoons, and other creatures from getting back in once you have finally got rid of them. For this technique to work, skilled technicians are trained to look for entry points which rodents use to get into a house, marking off these crucial locations. Then the pest specialists will target these specific areas by repairing holes and applying rodent-proof screening over lattice work, in attics, across ventilation, and within the foundations. You will be relieved to discover that your rodent problem is no more, thanks to effective exclusion.

The Consequences of Delaying Rodent Eradication

It is crucial to never delay on scheduling an appointment for rapid rodent elimination. The longer that you attempt to “wait out” the problem, the more likely you will face terrible consequences.

A few examples of the negative effects that come of procrastinating rodent removal include:

  • The likelihood that you and your loved ones will catch a horrible disease carried by rodents
  • The potential for your home to be burned in an electrical fire, caused by rodents gnawing the wires
  • Loss of your food and drink products due to rodents’ eating habits
  • Extreme damage to your property and precious belongings due to rodents’ chewing

Don’t wait for rodents to overrun your home but speak to our techs at Old South Exterminators immediately.

contact us online, and we can provide dependable Beaufort rodent removal.

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