Beaufort Real Estate Wood Infestation Report

Beaufort wood infestation report

If you’re purchasing a home in Beaufort, South Carolina, involving a lending institution, a CL-100 Wood Infestation Report is mandatory at the time of closing.

A Wood Infestation Report (WIR), also known as a Termite Inspection Report or CL-100, is a document, typically generated by a licensed pest control company. This report is often requested during real estate transactions, primarily when buying or selling a property, as it provides information about the presence or absence of wood-destroying pests and damage in a structure.

At Old South Exterminators, our inspectors are licensed and trained to complete a thorough wood infestation report in Beaufort.

Here are some key points typically included in an Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report CL-100 in Beaufort, SC:

  1. Property Information: The report will start with basic information about the property, including its address, owner’s name, and the date of the inspection.

  2. Inspector’s Information: The name, license number, and contact information of the licensed inspector responsible for conducting the inspection will be included.

  3. Inspection Details: The report will detail the scope of the inspection, specifying which areas of the property were examined, such as the interior, exterior, attic, basement, and crawl spaces.

  4. Pest Identification: The report will specify if any wood-destroying pests were found during the inspection. Common pests of concern include termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and fungus.

  5. Extent of Infestation: If pests are identified, the report will describe the extent of the infestation, including the location and severity of any damage or activity. This information helps the buyer and seller understand the potential impact on the property.

  6. Recommendations: The inspector may provide recommendations for treatment or repairs if pests or damage are found. These recommendations often come with estimated costs.

  7. Diagrams and Photos: Some reports include diagrams or photographs to illustrate the areas of concern or damage.

  8. Legal Compliance: The report may also include information about local regulations and compliance with laws related to wood infestations and pest control.

  9. Certification: The report is typically signed and stamped by the licensed inspector, affirming the accuracy of the findings.

A Wood Infestation Report is essential for the protection of both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, as it provides transparency regarding the condition of a property and potential costs associated with addressing wood-destroying pests and damage. Buyers can use this information to negotiate repairs or treatment with the seller or make an informed purchase decision.

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If you need a Wood Infestation Report in Beaufort, contact Old South Exterminators today. With 50+ years of trusted pest control, our qualified pest control technicians will ensure your report complies with Georgia standards for a smooth, trouble-free transaction.

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