5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Pest Control

Man doing his own pest control in his house. He is not wearing the proper safety equipment.

There’s more to it than you think.

Many people will assume that once they’ve caught the insect or rodent, their problem is gone. But there’s likely a lot more of those critters than you think. Pest control technicians know what to look for – they’re trained for it- so they see and know more than the average homeowner does. Professionally trained and certified technicians have been through extensive training and know all about different kinds of pests.


Misusing chemicals can be dangerous.

You may not know how much of a pesticide to use – and more isn’t always better! Insects and infestations aren’t a one size fits all scenario. Many different pesticides are used for various insects. That old can you have sitting in your garage for the past two years may not work on all insects. You can also pose harm by spraying a chemical in an indoor environment that is recommended for outdoor use only. DIY pest control is often ineffective because people don’t always follow the instructions properly or use too many extermination products for their needs, which is dangerous. Keeping you and your family safe is our number one concern at Old South Exterminators.

You have no idea how to treat the type of pest you have.

There are many pests that look alike but are not the same. Therefore, misidentification of the pest is possibly one of the most common and dangerous mistakes in DIY pest control. For example, American cockroaches and German cockroaches have very different habits and environments and are treated differently. DIY pest control does not necessarily treat the different species of pests you may have. Certified technicians know their pests and are trained to identify them.

Not looking in or treating the right areas.

When hiring a professional, you pay for their knowledge and ability to find the areas where pests have entered your home. Certified technicians know the habits of various pests and what they are attracted to in and around your home. Unfortunately, DIY pest control often misses key areas where pests enter from, leading to ongoing problems and pests in the future.


The cost can add up.


Like most situations, many of us want to solve the problem on our own and save money, but when you’re dealing with a problem as big as an insect infestation, a trip to your local Lowe’s won’t help you solve the problem. Bugs always come back, so how committed to your DIY pest control are you? Although you may save money out of the gate, over time, the cost of doing your own pest control may be more than what you think you’re saving… So at the end of the day, the smarter and the safer decision is to call your local pest control company and let them solve your problems.


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